ChatBot API

Get the Authorisation Keys

You can utilise Tamako Chat API as a part of free Skyfallen Developer Suite. The use of the API is free, but you need to get authorisation keys that prevent spamming and attacks. The process is quite simple, go to Skyfallen Developer Center, login / sign up, complete your profile and send it for validation. When we think you are a real person, your account will be approved and you will get access to app creation. From that point, just make an app and enable Tamako API for it. This will give you your keys.

Send A Message

Endpoint is

Query Parameters

prvidstringnoneโŒYour Provision ID on the SDC
svcidstringnoneโŒYour Service ID on the SDC
svcsecretstringnoneโŒYour Service Secret on the SDC
messagestringnoneโŒThe message you want the chatbot to reply with
userstringnoneโŒUnique ID to tell users using the endpoint apart
namestringTamakoโœ”๏ธThe name of the chatbot
genderstringfemaleโœ”๏ธThe gender of the chatbot
devstringBear#3437โœ”๏ธThe developer of the bot
prefixstringNot Set By Developerโœ”๏ธPrefix of Your Bot

Official Wrappers

You can easily use our API Wrappers to interact with Tamako-API

If you still got doubts, Join the support server