Proxy System


This is a method to proxy user messages using webhooks.

Permissions Required

The Bot must Have MANAGE_WEBHOOKS and MANAGE_MESSAGES perms for this feature to work.

Registering a proxy

To Register a proxy within Tamako, you can type t!proxyregister Bear // text
Here, Bear is the name of the proxy you want and // is the prefix to trigger the proxy.
So if you type // hello, a webhook with the name Bear will respond with the message hello

To register a multi word name, use 'like this' or "like this"

You can even rename the proxy by doing t!proxyrename <current_name> <newname>

Customising Proxy

Grouping Multiple Proxys

Grouping would be very good if you are using multiple proxy(s) and want to categorize them You can create a group by t!group create <name_of_group and to add proxy(s) to a particular group, you can type t!group add <name_of_group> <proxyname>, you can use * to add all groupless proxy(s)
You can change description of a group by t!group describe <name_of_group> <description> and even add a personal tag by t!group tag <name_of_group> <tag>
To change the name of a particular group , do t!group rename <current_name> <newname> and to remove a proxy from a group , do t!group remove <name_of_group> <proxyname>
You can list all your groups with their proxys with t!group list
You can even delete a group by t!group delete <name_of_group>, this will reassign the proxy(s) to an empty group

Giving a description to the proxy

You can set a description to your proxy(s) by doing t!describe <name> [desc]
You can execute t!describe <name> clear/remove/none/delete to delete the description of the Proxy

Changing the Proxy Avatar

To Change the Proxy Avatar, type t!proxyavatar Bear
Alternatively, you can even upload the pic

Storage Of Image

if the message/picture gets deleted, your proxy's Profile pic will not be available so it is recommend you to upload it somewhere else and provide a url instead

This will change the proxy avatar to the one you just mentioned

Changing the Prefix of the Proxy

You can change the prefix of the proxy using t!brackets <name> [newprefix] and even add more than one prefix to trigger the same proxy t!brackets add <name> <prefix>
To remove a prefix t!brackets remove <name> <prefix>
Do t!togglebrackets <name> to toggles whether the prefix are included or stripped in proxied messages for the given proxy

Changing the BirthDate of the Proxy

Yes, you can even add Birthdate to a proxy
To do so, you can type t!proxybirthday <proxyname> [date]

  • If name and date are specified, set the named proxy's birthday to the date.
  • If name only is specified, show the proxy's birthday.
  • If neither are given, show the next 5 birthdays on the server.

You can type t!proxybirthday <proxyname> clear/remove/none/delete to remove the birthdate of that proxy

Date must be given in format MM/DD/YY and are stored in UTC.

You can even Tag your proxy by doing t!tag <proxyname> [tag]

Extra Configuration for server

You can use t!cfg log [#channel] to enable the bot to send a log of all proxy messages and some basic info like who registered them. Useful for having a searchable channel and for distinguishing between similar names. To disable logging, run with no channel argument.
To blacklist users to proxy in certain channels, you can blacklist those channels t!cfg blacklist <add|remove> <channel(s)>

Commands Available

t!bracketsView or change a proxy's brackets
t!cfgConfigure server-specific settings
t!describeView or change a proxy's description
t!exportExport your data to a file
t!findproxyFind and display info about proxys by name
t!groupView or change your groups
t!importImport your data from a file
t!privacyView my privacy policy.
t!proxyavatarView or change a proxy's avatar
t!proxybirthdayView or change a proxy's birthday, or see upcoming birthdays
t!proxyhelpPrint this message, or get help for a specific command
t!proxylistGet a detailed list of yours or another user's registered proxys
t!proxylistngLike list, but without showing group info.
t!proxyregisterRegister a new proxy
t!proxyremoveUnregister a proxy
t!proxyrenameChange a proxy's name
t!showuserShow the user that registered the proxy that last spoke
t!tagRemove or change a proxy's tag (displayed next to name when proxying)
t!togglebracketsToggles whether the brackets are included or stripped in proxied messages for the given proxy

You can get detailed help on those commands by doing t!proxyhelp <commandname>