Setup XP system in your server

Economy System

You can Enable Economy system and start using Economy Commands in your server
To enable it, type t!economytoggle and it will be enabled
You can easily disable it by typing t!economytoggle

XP system

You can enable XP system to keep track of people who are active and have level system in your server
To enable it, type t!xptoggle and it will be enabled.
You can use t!xptoggle again to disable XP system.

You can even disable people getting xp from certain channels (like spam) by
t!xpexcempt [channel mention]
To enable xp system on excempted channels, you can easily enable it by
t!xpenable [channel mention]

Commands Available

                     Commands                     Usage
t!economytoggleToggle the economy system on/off for the server.
t!xptoggleToggle the xp system on/off for the server.
t!xpenableAllow xp system on mentioned channel(s) if disabled.
t!xpexcemptExcempt xp system on mentiond channel(s) if enabled.
t!xpresetReset the xp of everyone in this server (Only server owner can execute this command).