Setup Counters in your server

You can use t!mguide to get a guide on counter setup
Use t!mhelp to get help related to counter system

Create/edit a counter

Counters are placed by writting them in a channel name or topic, if something is between two curly braces ( {} ), Member Counter will considere it a counter, and it will update it in the next 5 minutes

You can place counters in one of the following places:

  • In a voice channel name
  • In a category channel name
  • In a text channel topic
  • In a news channel topic

For this example we are gonna use {members} , which counts the total amount of members in your discord server, you will find out more counters below

Create a new channel, or/and edit it, and write {members} in the name or topic, and click 'save changes'

Then, wait at least 10 seconds, and Member Counter will update it:

You can also add multiple counters in one name/topic, and combine them with your own content, here is a example:

If you reach the character limit when you are editing a name/topic, please check t!help editChannel. You can see the current counter configurations with t!seeSettings, this is useful to add more counters without disabling the previous ones

Remove A Counter

Edit the channel and write {disable} in the name/topic, Member Counter will replace it to a โœ…, that means that you removed all the counters of that channel successfully

You can also delete the channel directly

List Of Counters

CountersWhat Counts?
{members}The total amount of members in the server
{approximatedOnlineMembers}Approximated online members in your server
{users}How many users are in the server, it excludes the bots
{bots}How many bots are in the server, it excludes the users
{channels}How many channels has the server
{roles}How many roles has the server
{connectedMembers}How many members are connected in all the voice channels in the server
{connectedMembers:channelID}Like {connectedMembers}, but the bot will count only the connected members in the specified channels, write the channel IDs you wanna count after the :, and separate the channel IDs with commas ,
{bannedMembers}How many members are banned
{onlineMembers}How many members are online
{onlineUsers}How many users are online
{onlineBots}How many bots are online
{offlineMembers}How many members are offline
{offlineUsers}How many users are offline
{offlineBots}How many bots are offline
{membersWithRole:roleID}This counts how much members has a role or roles, write the roles IDs you wanna count after the :, and separate the role IDs with commas ,
{onlineMembersWithRole:roleID}Like {membersWithRole:} but only counts those members online
{offlineMembersWithRole:roleID}Like {membersWithRole:} but only counts those members offline
{http:url}This will display the returned amount given by the response to the specified resource, the bot will perform a GET request and the server must reply with the status code 200 and the content-type: text/plain
{http-string:url}Like {http} but the bot won't parse anything, useful to display names instead of numbers
{youtubeSubscribers:channelUrl}Displays a youtube channel subscriber count, replace channelUrl with the desired channel url
{youtubeViews:channelUrl}Displays a youtube channel view count
{youtubeVideos:channelUrl}Displays a youtube channel video count
{twitchFollowers:channelName}Displays a twitch channel follower count, replace channelName with the desired channel name
{twitchViews:channelName}Displays a twitch channel view count
{twitterFollowers:username}Displays the amount of followers in an account, replace username with the actual Twitter username
{memeratorMemes:username}Displays a Memerator user's meme count, replace username with the desired profile name
{memeratorFollowers:username}Displays a Memerator user's follower count, replace username with the desired profile name
{instagramFollowers:username}Displays the amount of followers in an account, replace username with the actual Instagram username
{game:gameId:address:port}Player count for game servers (Minecraft, Counter Strike, Rust, Ark, Team Fortress 2, GMOD, etc), replace gameId by one of the listed here and address by the actual one and port by the query port
{countdown:targetDate:format}Shows a countdown that will decrease to the specified target date,by replacing targetDate with the target date in a UNIX timestamp, and optionally format it with a custom format: use %d to show the days left, %h to show the hours left, %m to show the minutes left and %s to show the seconds left
{clock:timeZone}Shows a clock with the time of the specified timezone, replace timeZone with a valid IANA timezone
{nitro-boosters}Shows the total amount of members boosting this server
{static:number}Shows the given number with custom formatting based on the guild settings

Preview counters

Instead of waiting to see how will be the final result, you can use t!preview to check how will look your custom counters in a chanel name or topic

t!preview {onlineMembers} of {members} Online

Displaying large counts

Use t!mshortNumber when the counts are too large
You can also choose to show from 0 to 3 deciamls

t!mshortNumber enable
t!mshortNumber 0
t!mshortNumber 1
t!mshortNumber 2
t!mshortNumber 3
t!mshortNumber disable

Instant counts

Get Counts Instantly

This command returns some counts instantly, this command doesn't require any special permission

Allow Roles to execute these Commands

t!mrole [allow/deny] [@roles/all]

Where the first parameter is the action (allow or deny) and the second parameter is on which roles you want to perform the action, it must be role mentions (@ plus the role name and/or use the discord autocomplete) or the all keyword, which will applies the change to all the roles


1 t!mrole allow @Mod
2 t!mrole allow @Mod @OtherRole
3 t!mrole deny all

Change locale

You can change the format of the counts and other stuff (like the time of {clock} counter) with this command


t!mlocale [es-ES/disable]

Use t!mseeSettings to see all Settings
Use t!mresterSettings to reset all Settings